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DoveSoft Vehicle Expenses Calculator  
Monthly Purchase Price (£):   Total Payments Made (£):  
Annual Depreciation (£):   Litres Used per Year :  
Annual Insurance (£):   Fuel Cost per Year (£):  
Annual Maintenance (£):   Total Annual Cost (£):  
    Cost per Mile (£):  
Annual Vehicle Tax (£):  
Annual Miles Driven:  
Average Miles per Gallon:  
Average Cost per Litre (£):  

Car Sales Chart

Car Sales 2009 (,000s)                  
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In the Input sheet, fill in the first column with the requested
information. Do NOT use £ signs or commas. Data validation is
NOT supported. When ALL values are entered click Update.
Similarly, in the Car Sales sheet, enter values in cells B4 to B7.
The Update button must be pressed when a cell value has been
changed. The Reset button sets the worksheets to their
original values when published to the Internet. The Print
button allows you to print all sheets information.

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