Welcome to this older Microsoft Access course which has been developed by DoveSoft Computing for use by the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust Training Department. The course is an introduction to databases and uses Microsoft Access to explain the concepts and techniques. As it is an introductory course, more advanced topics, such as programming, are not included. Any queries concerning the course should be e-mailed to Bert Green (the course author).

The course consists of seven modules:

Creating a database
Maintaining a database
Database normalisation
Using a switchboard

Each module can be selected by clicking on the required topic from a menu at the top and bottom of each page in the course web site. When you switch to a topic, an introduction to that topic lists the sub topics of that module. You can either work through a module in its entirety or switch immediately to the required sub topic. In addition to the menus, there are numerous links to other content throughout the course as identified by blue underlined text. Simply clicking a link will invoke an action such as an automatic e-mail facility or switch to another web site or another page in this site.

To illustrate the concepts explained in the course, a sample Microsoft Access Customer database is available. The database consists of only two tables but provides sufficient detail to explain key database concepts without the course member being overwhelmed with data.

Progress through the course at your own pace. You will probably want to refer to some topics more often than others, possibly in the order specified in the menu. If you are new to databases, I suggest that you start with some database theory i.e. database normalisation, before progressing to the creating a database topic. I recommend that you acquire knowledge from these first two topics before progressing.

Bert Green
DoveSoft Computing
September 2010


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